Cuisine Parma Ham

The Delicious Parma Ham

If you go to Italy, maybe you will need to go to a restaurant that serve a Parma ham. This is a kind of food that quite popular in Italy. Parma ham also called as Prosciutto. Prosciutto in Italy means by ham while Parma is the name of one region that you can find in Italy. Then Parma Ham means that a ham that have a flavor, texture and color that represent Parma.

You need to know that there is a kind of history behind the production of Parma ham. It is told that there is a story about a special relationship between a man and the nature. And since the Roman era, Parma has a unique condition that make it possible for the region to produce the highest quality ham that already appreciated by all centuries. And it is also known that Parma ham has a strong taste and a pleasant flavor.

Fettucini Alfredo

The Fettucini Alfredo From Italy

Maybe you ever heard about Fettucini alfredo. This is a kind of food that you can find in Italy. You don’t need to go to Italy if you want to taste the Fettucini alfredo. There are a lot of Fettucini alfredo recipes that you can try at home if you feel curious about the delicious taste of Fettucini alfredo. There are a lot of variation of Fettucini alfredo that you may try. You can add the different topping based on your preferences.

Actually, Fettucini alfredo is the easiest way for people to make a pasta. You just need to boil the fettuccine pasta, then you can tossed it with parmesan cheese and butter. You will able to get the smooth coating from the parmesan cheese that melts on the fetticcine pasta. Alfredo is come from a person’s name who used to make a restaurant in the middle of 20th century.


The Central European Dish

If you like to visit Europe, then you need to try a dish named Polenta. This is a dish that come from the Central European. You can find the Polenta in Nothern Italy, France and also Switzerland. Polenta is made out from the boil the cornmeal into a solidified porridged. It is up to your preferences to eat the Polenta directly or consumed it after you baked, fried, or grilled the Polenta. You need to know the taste of Polenta because it is so delicious. There is a sweet flavour inside it. Polenta has a color that look like an egg yolk. You can also add another dish that you think would be suitable with your Polenta. You will also never find any difficult if you want to make your own Polenta. You can also make some creation from your Polenta to make it look more different than the usual Polenta. And don’t forget to choose the best plating so you can serve it to your family or your friends.

Do you know that you can make a cake out of Polenta? Yes, you can make a cake from the uncooked Polenta. If you are doing a gluten free diet, then Polenta will be the best thing that you should choose as one of your cake ingredient. You can change your flour with the uncooked Polenta to make a cake. Many people said that using the uncooked Polenta can make your cake become moist and dense. You can also get a grainy texture for the cake that use Polenta. Actually, it is depend what you are going to make with your Polenta since Polenta will suitable to any kind of food. If you boiled it, then you can make the savoury dishes. Or you can use the uncooked Polenta to make some pastry.


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