5 Best Alternatives for Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud-storage services around and a lot of people who own an account take advantage of the relatively new cloud technology in order to backup, sync or share their files easily among devices or with other users.

Everyone knows that Dropbox currently offers a free option, which initially comes with 2GB of storage space that can grow up to 8GB if you refer your friends. What makes the Dropbox service even more popular is the fact that it’s currently available across multiple platforms, including Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Android, iOS and Symbian, thus leaving a whole slew of possibilities for sharing and backing-up files in the Cloud.

Dropbox does very well across most platforms and you also get the option of using the online interface to upload or sync your files, making it very easy for new users to work around and adapt to the new technology.

Dropbox is a great resource that you can use for free, but there are also a few other cloud services you can try out, or use simultaneously with your Dropbox account in order to get even more space for your personal files.

Check out the five of the best alternative cloud-storage services you can start using today.

Dmailer Backup

If you’re looking for a free backup service other than Dropbox, you could end up landing on the Dmailer Backup website.

The service is one of the best alternatives to host and share your personal files among devices. Just like the famous Dropbox, the Dmailer cloud storage service offers 2GB of space for your files and is compatible with both Macs and Windows computers.

Dmailer Backup currently offers two options you can use to back-up your files – an Automatic mode and a Custom mode. The first one automatically backs-up personal files, such as documents, photos or videos while the second one provides a more customized solution for users.


LiveDrive is yet another alternative to DropBox and the service provides a truly great online storage solution. There are four options for you to choose from including Briefcase, Backup, Pro Suite and Business.

Using the LiveDrive Backup option you will be able to make a backup of all your files and documents in order to access them wherever you are. LiveDrive offers compatibility with multiple platforms and you will be able to access your important files from Android smartphones, iDevices, tablets or PCs.

The LiveDrive Briefcase is another option you can use to share, sync and manage your files easily. You get up to 2TB of storage space where you can host your files while the automated sync option will make a copy of your files in the cloud, so you’ll never lose anything again.

LiveDrive’s ProSuite is the most complete option for file storage, back-up and synchronizing your files across multiple platforms. There are 5TB of storage space and you could very well use this option if you want to easily share files with your employees at the office, for example.

It is mostly a business-oriented package and probably the most complete option for a cloud storage package.


LiveMesh comes with a counter-offer that might seem appealing to many users, offering 5GB of cloud storage space. Microsoft has decided to offer this alternative to DropBox so you could easily share and sync your files on your Windows PC.

LiveMesh is a solid alternative to DropBox and is considered one of the best File Syncing apps on the market at this time. It doesn’t only provide syncing across multiple computers but also remote desktop access through the Internet using Internet Explorer.

If you are a Windows Live user and enjoy Microsoft products every day, you should go ahead and give this one a try. Features include PC to PC Synchronization, Remote Desktop Access and 5GB of storage space you can start using right now for free.


SugarSync brings yet another alternative offer to the table by bringing forward a few great features and 5GB of storage space you can start using for free.

You’ll once again be able to Store, Sync, Backup and Access your files anywhere you are, across multiple platforms, all of these in a free yet reliable cloud based solution.

SugarSync offers 5GB of cloud storage space absolutely free and you once again have the option of extending your storage space when you refer your friends. The application is compatible with most platforms, including Windows and Mac computers, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Symbian OS and Windows Phone 7.

SugarSync is a reliable cloud storage service that could be considered a great alternative to Dropbox.


Tonido offers a complete alternative to sync, backup and share your files across multiple platforms easily. The Tonido app can be mounted as a standalone local drive on your PC or laptop, where you can copy and share your files and backup directly to the cloud.

Tonido offers the possibility of syncing and sharing files securely and as a novelty, your device will be allotted a web address which you can use to access your home PC wherever you are.

Tonido offers compatibility across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux or you could opt to share your files securely through a web browser when you are surfing on a device you don’t own.

There are also apps you can install on your iDevice, Android smartphone or tablet, Blackberry and Windows Live 7.

Tonido is probably one of the best alternatives to Dropbox you can find right now and offers all the fantastic features the cloud technology brings to the table.

These are just five alternatives to Dropbox and you can start using these right now if you require more cloud storage space or looking for a professional solution to share your files.

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