6 Refreshing Ways To Use A VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way of transferring your internet traffic through remote servers, which allows you to send and receive data on the internet as though you are from a different location.

Traditionally, VPN services since been long working in large corporations, allowing telecommuters to connect remotely to the network of their organization. Now, VPN services are also available for common public as well, and as a consumer, should you care to buy a VPN?

Here are 5 innovative and refreshing ways to use a VPN to get the most outcomes of your VPN service.

Watch Netflix (without the U.S. content restriction)

ISPs doesn’t like that you watch streaming websites, every time you connect to a streaming website like Netflix the ISP starts throttling your speed to prevent excessive usage and put stress on their servers. If you are a customer of such an ISP provider, then all you need is a VPN with an endpoint in the United States, and you can watch your favorites TV shows on the popular streaming site, without a pointless buffer.

Play Online Games (without bandwidth throttle)

Online gaming traffic is often throttled by ISPs. Because some games like MMORPG uses a BitTorrent protocol to issues game updates and patches. This protocol particularly uses intensive bandwidth, and it is often used for illegal downloading of copyrighted contents. As a result of this, it is slowed down by ISPs.

So, how do you get around this problem? Using a VPN makes it impossible for the network providers to directly slow your gaming experience. However, it is a warning that it might increase your response timings (Ping Times).

Watch Online TV (without geo-restrictions)

Major TV channels offer online streaming of channels. The UK has BBC, America has CBS, and Australia has the ABC. But, one thing they all have in common, which is they allow a free stream of their content only if you actually lives in respective countries.

VPN allow you to change your country location from a list of servers to move your internet data from the country of your choice. All you need is a VPN that has a server in that specific country, and it will lift the geographic restriction to offer internet freedom.

Securely Connect the Café Wi-Fi (without being spied on)

Some people are fortunate, they have the luxury to move their work with them. Some work privately and some prefer working in cafes, parks, and pubs.

While it’s convenient but most of these networks are insecure, because they receive and send traffic without the encryption which is usually found in WPA2 home network connection.

Thankfully, a VPN encrypts traffic using a military grade secure encryption. You can freely surf the internet, work productively without worrying about your data snooping.

Shop Online While Traveling (without worrying)

Traveling abroad for work or holidays is an adventure in itself. But having a British credit card and shopping abroad usually blocks your purchase because of suspicious activity, then you have to manually verify the activity from the bank authorities.

All this hassle is due to the purchase in abroad from a British credit card. However, if you select a VPN that is based in the U.K. can save a lot of your time.

Torrenting (without being warned)

Everybody loves torrenting, it is the largest platform for sharing contents like videos, music, documents, and much more. But, ISPs doesn’t like that you torrent and the result is the throttling of the speed and bandwidth. On the worst side, copyrighters can track people’s original IP addresses and send them piracy warnings through ISPs. Thankfully, a VPN masks your original IP address with the fake one and encrypts your connection, which makes it impossible to track your location and activities.

Final considerations

VPN is a wonderful thing and helps in protecting your security and privacy. However, always keep on check the policies of a VPN service. If you are looking for a VPN service make sure they do not keep logs, supports up to 5 devices simultaneously and is affordable.

Rebecca James is a senior editor and journalist at Be Encrypted. She has provided a lot to security and privacy. She likes to add her personal opinion on recent security matters, recently has contributed on tech in Asia, security affairs, and Hack read. You can follow on Twitter.

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