Benefits of IP Video Delivery

People have been using surveilance cameras for a few decades now and with the new technology coming out in the last few years the possibilities have multiplied several times.
Most of us think about our family’s safety when we’re away from home or just want to keep a watchful eye over what we’re leaving behind when we leave for a longer period of time. Lately, a few new gadgets have been presented to the public, one of witch is a baby monitor that streams video content over the Internet wirelessly, so you can keep an eye on your little one even when you’re away.

Another one will stream the feed from your survailance cameras over the Internet, so no matter where you are you can keep an eye on things back home. You can watch everything on your smartphone, so that’s even more impressive as well as convenient.

These new gadgets benefit from a relatively new technology called IP Video Delivery. This technology has been dubbed digital video distribution system and it means that you’re no longer restricted to specific formats as well as making Internet streaming possible as a result. There is a whole array of formats available which makes surveillance a lot cheaper and also allows a slew of different options.

Due to this technology a lot of new gadgets will develop in the next few years using seemless and high quality streaming over the Internet.

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