Best Android Browsers for Your Smartphone

Android is the open-source mobile operating system from Google that allows users to interact with their friends via voice calls or text messaging, while also providing a full-fledged, mobile entertainment center. Smartphone users are making use of the media center in their Android device, listening to their favorite tracks, watching videos and browsing the Internet from their mobile devices. Android comes packed with everything you need but you can also make use of the extensive Android Marketplace, where you can now find apps for every task you can ever think of.

The default Internet browser used to open up web pages on the Android mobile operating system is the Android 2.2. It’s great for the average person, however if you’re looking for an upgrade there are a few options for a mobile browser you can choose to install and use at any time.

Opera Mini for Android

Opera Mini is the most popular choice for Android users when it comes to surfing the web on an Android device. Opera Mini has been specifically designed for PDAs, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The Opera Mini comes with implemented social networking features, a few plug-ins and email access available on the homepage. Further more, the built-in data compression feature will lower the usage of your Internet bandwidth, thus reducing your costs in the long run.

It is claimed to be the fastest and most reliable mobile Internet browser for Android.

Mozilla Fennec

If you use Firefox on your PC or laptop and you’re a Mozilla fan, you can always opt for the mobile version of the Firfox browser. Fennec is Mozilla’s mobile browser which has been designed for optimization on small screens and a touch-screen environment.
You can also find tabbed browsing with the Fennec mobile browser, password management and best of all – you can sync it with Firefox.

Dolphin HD

Dolphin HD is the mobile browser specifically designed for Android smartphones that you can download for free in the Android Marketplace. You’ll get fast browsing, a speed dial application as well as news feeds, social networking support and email. You have the option of installing some plugins with your Dolphin HD mobile browser, including a PDF reader, a password management tool and YouTube search function.


Skyfire is a highly acclaimed mobile browser for Android, which has also enjoyed some success on the iOS platform. Skyfire is also available as an iPhone, iPad and iPad2 app. Yahoo has actually ranked Skyfire as the second best app for Android due to its features. The Skyfire mobile browser also features a Flash Video translation service which is able to convert Flash clips to HTML5 enabling users to watch them without Flash support.
Another popular feature of the Skyfire mobile browser is the search function which allows users to search on multiple search engines and the Facebook Quickview function.

These are the most popular mobile Internet browsers for Android which you can download and install any time. If you’d like to add anything else to this collection you can do so in the comment section and it will be added to the collection.

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