How to Create a Google Plus Page for Business

Google Plus is Google’s social networking alternative to Facebook. If you’re used to the Facebook features already, it won’t be at all hard for you to use Google Plus effectively and promote your business. Google Plus has introduced a few new concepts that will let you organize your friends into multiple groups and make it easier to socialize on the Google+ network, known as Circles.

You probably already own a Google+ account and are now looking to create a Google Plus page for your business, blog or website. Creating a page dedicated to a particular activity or business is a highly effective method of promotion on Facebook, so Google Plus tries to accomplish the same thing with Google Plus Pages.

How do I create a Google+ Page for my Business?

Creating a page on Google+ is extremely easy and if you’re familiar with Facebook pages, it will be that much easier for you to create and effectively promote your business, brand or website with the aid of the Google+ Social Network.

1x1.trans How to Create a Google Plus Page for Business

  1. First thing you need to do is navigate to https://plus.google.com/pages/create or log into your Google Plus user profile and access the last URL in the right sidebar, on your profile page.
  2. You’ll now see five base categories on your left, and you can choose one that best fits your business.
  3. When you choose the option Local Business or Place, you’ll be asked for a phone number and your country, so you can begin the process of adding your business details.
  4. For the other four options: Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organziation, Arts, Entertainment or Sports, Other, you’ll be asked to specify a page name, your website and select a main category. You can also specify if there’s an age limit for whom is able to see your page online.
  5. After you’ve specified the page name, your site’s url and your category, you can choose to continue the process. Next step is to fill in a description for your page and add a photo.
  6. After you’ve completed this step, you’ll be taken to a new page where you have the option to inform the friends in your Circles about the newly created page.
  7. You can choose finish to complete the registration process.

You’ve now created a new Google Plus page and you can start connecting with users on Google Plus.

How do I use my Google+ Page Effectively?

Now that you’ve created your Google+ page you may want to get some attention to it. Don’t forget to add the badge on your site and inform your clients about it. If you use a newsletter or have a blog for your business website, write a post presenting your Google Plus page or inform your subscribers by newsletter and ask them to connect with you.

1x1.trans How to Create a Google Plus Page for Business

You should start adding some photos of your headquarters, business logo and start a discussion on your Google Puls page. Don’t start listing your services and products on your Google+ page, it’s a highly ineffective practice that will not help you at all. Provide industry news and share interesting facts about your business. You could even ask former clients to provide testimonials about their experience with you and share tem on your Google+ business page. These are a lot more valuable than just stating you’re the best or provide the best service/product.

There are many other ways to connect with your users on your Google+ page. The main thing to remember is not to spam and try to start discussions, ask for opinions and share photos of you and your employees on your Google+ page. This will help your users connect with you on a personal level, rather than seeing your business as an abstract entity that’s only trying to sell a service/product.

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  1. I just registered my blog’s G+ Business Page yesterday, it is quite easy to register although I had to hassle a bit to find how to access it for the second. It seems there is an option just below our name in our very own individual profile through which we can access other pages. Although I dunno if Google Plus Page is going to be as popular as facebook fan pages.
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