How to Improve your Mobile Phone Coverage

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Tired of saying that? Well then, read on and discover how to improve your mobile phone coverage using our guaranteed-to-help tips.

  1. All cell phones depend on thenetwork provider to make calls. The strength of the signals you receive is depicted by a bar on the topmost part of your phone’s screen. The closer you are to a network tower, the stronger your signal is, thereby, improving the quality of your connection.
  2. Make a wise decision while choosing your network operator. Pick one that extensively covers the areas you frequently visit. Sometimes, while choosing a cheaper connection, you may end up picking one that has poor network coverage.
  3. Poor network reception can be experienced not only in remote areas but also in busy cities. This can occur when the signal being received by the mobile phone is blocked by dense objects, such as tunnels, large buildings, etc. Move around till your phone shows an increase in signal strength and then place the call. In the future, stay away from the poor network area, as the service quality in that area is not likely to improve till the causative factors are removed.
  4. While at home, try sitting by a window or going to a different room. The network coverage by a single tower extends anywhere between 3 to 45 miles. Generally, the areas covered by adjacent towers intersect to improve the network quality. Unfortunately, sometimes, a particular patch near the towers’ intersecting area may not be covered and you may just be standing on it!
  5. Check the battery of your mobile phone. Low battery can cause problems with the signal strength. Your phone must ideally have at least two bars of battery, i.e. 50 % to maintain stable signal strength.
  6. The connectivity can be poor, when you’re driving. You will be moving from tower to tower and there may be a lapse in signal transmission to your device sometimes.
  7. The duration of the call also has an effect on the connectivity. Each tower can handle only a certain number of users simultaneously, and some network providers automatically end calls that have been connected for a long period. If you are experiencing network issues, hang up and call back instead of waiting for it to improve.

In case your office or home falls in a bad network area and you cannot use any of the tips mentioned above to improve the network coverage, you can use external devices such as a network extender and a cellular repeater to enhance the signal strength. You can also connect a high-gain antenna to your mobile phone to increase its network reception.

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