How to Install Android OS on your PC

More and more people are starting to develop apps for Android every day. The open-source mobile OS from Google has become very popular lately and there are many who are already making a living out of developing and improving Android. If you are seriously thinking about becoming an Android developer, you might want to install the Android OS on your PC for testing purposes. Installing Android OS on your PC will soon prove to be very handy as you’ll be able to test out your apps and debug easily, without the need of any third-party devices.

Installing Android OS on your PC is also useful if you just want to test out apps before downloading them to your Android smartphone or tablet PC. You can play around with many different features or play your favorite Android games on the PC insted of your smartphone.

Here’s a complete how to guide that will let you install the Android OS on your PC to test out its features and start developing your own apps.

How to Install Android on Your PC

If you’ve wondered how to install the Android OS on a PC the answer is quite simple. You’ll need to follow a few simple steps that will take you through the process of downloading the Android OS for your PC and installing it from a flash drive.

  1. The first step is to download the Android x86 OS and copy it safely on a flash drive larger than 256MB. Go ahead to the website and download the ISO file.
  2. The second step is to install the Universal Netboot Installer if you don’t already have it on your PC. The UNI is available for all major operating systems – Windows, MaxOS and Linux and you can download it from Source Forge completely free.
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  4. After you’ve successfully downloaded the UNI, you’ll need to start it and select the Android ISO you’ve just downloaded. UNI will extract the ISO file and install it on your disk.
  5. After the installation is complete, you’ll need to reboot the PC.

How to Create an Android OS Live CD

  1. Now, in order to run Android OS on your PC, you’ll need to enter BIOS and change the boot setup menu of your PC to “boot from Removable Disk”, instead of booting from a hard drive. Don’t forget to save and exit BIOS.
  2. After rebooting you’ll get a few options to continue and create a Live CD for the Android OS. Select the option Live CD – Run Android without installation and run it. The Android OS will now start loading on your PC and you’ll see the home screen after a while, if all went well.
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You will have access to your WiFi network and your PCs webcam when you install Android OS on your PC. You can also take your flash drive with you and access your Android installation on any computer, however any apps you install will be erased when you access Android from a different system.

That’s about it! You can now start developing for Android the easy way, by testing your apps locally and than selling them on the Android Marketplace.

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4 Responses to "How to Install Android OS on your PC"

  1. mascali says:

    Nice tutorial but Im a little confused: Is this only live cd or you need to install? and, in this case you need partitioning?

    mascali recently posted..Google compie 13 anniMy Profile

  2. Marty says:

    This tutorial shows you how to create a Live CD which you can take with you and use on different computers. No partitioning is necessary
    Marty recently posted..10+ Best Security & Anti-Virus Apps for Android My Profile

  3. Graham says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll give it a go on my MAC (I’ll back it up first) :-)
    Graham recently posted..Which Tablet ComputerMy Profile

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