How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

These days most people enjoy super fast connections and Internet speed isn’t a huge problem anymore. Due to the high competition on the market right now, ISP’s are striving to offer the best Internet speed possible and keep their clients satisfied with their service.

So Internet speed is not a problem anymore, but sometimes people aren’t getting what they paid for. Many people notice very slow download and upload speeds on their Internet connection and have no idea what they can do to fix it. Fast browsing and high download and upload speeds are very possible if you optimize your system and use the right software online.

How Fast is my Internet?

So how fast is your Internet? The first thing you need to do is know how much you’re paying for and how much are you getting for your money. You should find the contract you signed with your current ISP and check the speed your Internet service provider is guaranteeing for your plan. You can then proceed and test your Internet speed.

Perform an Internet Speed Test

Why should you perform a speed test? Because you must find out how much you’re really getting for your money. is the perfect place to perform a free internet speed test. You should first perform a speed test on a local server and a test on a foreign server.

Reboot Your Router

Before you go any further, you should check that you’re not misusing your hardware. Reboot your router by unplugging it and plugging it in the power source again. Sometimes this solves the problem and you get back your speed right away.

Secure your Wireless Connection

Many people forget all about setting a password for their router and end up being a Wireless hot spot for their neighbors. If you’re on a wireless connection don’t forget to set up a WEP password and secure your wireless home network, so people from the outside don’t connect to it. Leaving your wireless connection unsecured can really slow down your Internet speed, so make sure you always set up a strong password when you install your router.

Check for Software Running in the Background

Sometimes the software running in the background can really slow down your Internet connection. Programs like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Real Player and even Windows Update can take a toll on your connection. You should close these down and try to see if you notice an improvement afterwards.

Choose the Right Browser

There are many who will tell you one browser is faster then another. You’ll have to choose between Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari most likely. You should know that it’s not only a matter of what browser you use but what extensions you install. Most of these browsers support extensions that can really slow down your browsing speed if you install too many.

As a personal recommendation I suggest you start using Google Chrome, as it’s lightweight and can be considered one of the fastest browsers you can find for free.

Contact Your ISP

If everything fails, you should go ahead and call your ISP’s support line. If you’ve already tried all of the above and you’re still experiencing low Internet speed, maybe it’s time to get an upgrade.

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