Samsung Galaxy Note – The Smartphone / Tablet Hybrid

A few years ago, manufacturers kept rolling out cell phones that were smaller and lighter and that was clearly the direction everyone was following. It would seem that lately everything changed around again, so now whenever we are dealing with smartphones we keep seeing larger and larger displays, that will soon compete with the 7 inch tablets on the market right now.

A common display size for smartphones was 2.8 inches, which soon became 4 inches, and people had nothing against the new size. A larger screen is great for multimedia and it seems that things haven’t stopped here. The latest smartphone from Samsung comes with a huge 5.3 inch HD display which might remind you of a 7 inch tablet at first glance.

1x1.trans Samsung Galaxy Note   The Smartphone / Tablet Hybrid
Samsung has introduced the new Galaxy Note as a hybrid between a tablet and a smartphone, that will be great for note taking, Web browsing and entertainment. The Galaxy Note is meant to steal a bit of market share from tablets and be the star of the smartphone market at the same time. We’ll just have to see how much success it will enjoy upon release and whether people will welcome the new display size or not. There’s no doubt that a higher screen size will favor the multimedia side of any smartphone. However, the size can be a bit too much when you’re trying to make a call and find your self holding a brick to your ear.

1x1.trans Samsung Galaxy Note   The Smartphone / Tablet Hybrid

Samsung Galaxy Note Hardware

On the plus side however, Samsung has decided to roll out the Galaxy Note with the Super AMOLED Plus matrix technology, which has enjoyed great success in the Samsung Galaxy SII. People kept asking for the Super AMOLED technology to be used in other releases from the company and it seems that Samsung gave in to the request. Finally, the company has decided to use the Super AMOLED Plus again in the largest smartphone ever made – the Galaxy Note.

The 5.3 inch display of the Galaxy Note features a 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and will bring to the table high picture quality, great contrast, colors and brightness, features that make the Galaxy SII one of the most popular smartphones ever released. If you need a visual image of how the Galaxy Note will feel in your hand, you should know that it resembles a lot to a 7 inch tablet. There’s a 147x83x9.65mm case holding the hardware and the 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display, which is pretty big, but hopefully not enough to break the smartphone/tablet barrier.

The Samsung Galaxy Note also comes with a dual core Samsung Exynos chipset, which can easily be considered the fastest on the market, running at 1.4Ghz. The Exynos chipset gets a bit of help from the 1GB of RAM onboard and the Mali 400 GPU and is able to compete with any high end tablet on the market at this time. You’d think that so much power will drain this smartphone’s battery pretty quick, however that’s not the case for the Galaxy Note. The latest Samsung release is big enough to pack a 1500 mAh unit which will enable this smartphone to run for 13 hours in a single charge, making it compete with any 7 inch tablet on the market.

Further more, the Galaxy Note has been equipped with a 8 megapixel camera which can easily capture photos as well as video in HD resolution. You’ll also be able to type your text messages very well on Galaxy Note’s huge display, something that’s not possible with 7 inch tablets. You’ll also get 32GB of internal storage space, but that won’t be enough, especially if you want to capture HD video. There’s also the option of expanding the memory with the aid of the microSD slot on board with an extra 32GB. Other features include Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and even HDMI out that you can use to hook up the Galaxy Note to your HDTV and playback your videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note Final Thoughts

Samsung’s Galaxy Note is a hybrid smartphone/tablet and I hope it can finally solve the battery issues one and for all. The Galaxy Note can also be used as a tablet replacement, thanks to its 5.3 inch display and compact size. This one could finally be the universal device everyone has been waiting for serving as both a smartphone and a tablet and accomplishing both tasks in style.

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  1. William says:

    Just got my Galaxy Note. It’s the first techno gadget I’ve really wanted, i.e. I had to have it. Love the idea of a huge screen (for a smartphone that is). When you compare web browsing experience between iPhone and Galaxy Note, the difference is almost overwhelming. And yes, battery life is remarkably good in G. Note. However, software is a little bit buggy: especially auto-rotate is a little bit gluey at the moment.
    William recently posted..issue ★61My Profile

  2. Adeline says:

    Too many models coming up…seems like the phone i bought just a year ago is obsolete now..and that’s unfair..i paid good money for it. The Galaxy note sure looks good… samsung’s really nailed it haven’t they :) Thanks for posting a good review.
    Adeline recently posted..How to Move iTunes folder to Another Location in Windows 7My Profile

  3. Anna says:

    Indeed there are so many phones on the market now. This Galaxy looks great and 5.3 inch – cool!!
    Anna recently posted..dental crown procedureMy Profile

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