Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Review

Just a month before the official Galaxy Nexus release, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Player, an Android media player that’s meant to give iPod Touch owners an alternative for entertainment on the road.

People are very used to seeing Android powering devices such as tablets, smartphones and netbooks. Here comes a new gadget released by Samsung that is meant to pull some iPod users to the Android side.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a WiFi gadget that enables people to take their media everywhere they go and enjoy a movie when on the road. You might mistake the Samsung Galaxy Player for a smartphone at first, it certainly looks a lot like one. There is however one small hint that might give it away. The Galaxy Player has been equipped with a 5-inch screen that will allow you to watch a movie in style while you’re on the road.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is meant to compete with the iPod Touch and you will see below some of its main features and reasoning behind this statement.

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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Build

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 looks a lot like the Galaxy S smartphone. In fact you might mistake it for one at first. There’s a huge 5-inch screen that will capture your attention when you first see this device. Below the screen there are three capacitive buttons and on the bottom of the device, an empty SD card slot.

Near the SD Card slot, you’ll also find the Micro USB and headphone jack to connect the white headphone set, coming with the Galaxy Player.

The back of the Galaxy Player looks pretty cool, as its covered with a white plastic case where you can spot the two speakers for stereo sound and a camera with LED flash.

All in all, the Galaxy Player’s build is very elegant and the device itself could easily be mistaken for the Galaxy S. The fact that it’s slightly bigger in comparison to its sibling gives it away.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Hardware

Under the hood you’ll be able to find a Hummingbird 1GHz processor and 8GB of storage. It is not much but you’ll be able to carry around with you some of your music, videos or movies while you’re travelling. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for the 8GB. There’s the empty SD card slot right there for some extra space and you can stick one in there anytime. Unfortunately, the LCD screen the Galaxy Player 5.0 has been equipped with is not an AMOLED, as you might hope when you first see it. It comes with a 800 x 480 resolution and pretty good clarity and crisp images that you can enjoy anytime.

Samsung’s Galaxy Player has also been equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera and runs on Android Gingerbread, enabling you to download apps from the Android market to further improve its capabilities.

There is also a 2500mAh battery powering this device that will last you a good number of hours when your browsing the Internet and quite a bit less if you’re constantly watching movies or playing games on it.

1x1.trans Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Review

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Software

So we’ve already noticed the Android Gingerbread running on the Galaxy Player and we know its power. Further more, we can discover the TouchWiz interface coming with the Galaxy devices from Samsung, leading to a smooth overall experience.

Aside from the Android Market place where you can find all the Android apps you use on your smartphone, there are also the Samsung apps. You can find Samsung apps very useful for all your portable media. There’re are custom Samsung apps for video, music and camera which make for a nice addition to the Android apps we all know and use regularly on smartphones. There’s also a custom file manager and links to Samsung approved app downloads.

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy Player leads to a pretty smooth experience with Gingerbread and the TouchWiz interface.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Media Capabilities

The Samsung custom apps for both music and video are pretty decent and will do their job well in most formats. On the down side, problems arise when playing HD videos or .MOV files on this Samsung media player. Not that it won’t play a 720p video from time to time, but it won’t be a enjoyable experience. On the plus side, Samsung’s music player app does it’s job very well and is easily controllable from the lock screen and the notification bar. The speakers are pretty loud and will do a decent job in movies and music alike.

The downside to the Galaxy Player could be considered the 1Ghz processor which will only be enough for light gaming and XVID movies. When playing Flash or HD videos you might notice some slowing down and stuttering and that’s not something you want in a quality media player.

The Samsung Galaxy Player will do a decent job if you’re an average user. If you want heavy duty, you’d better look somewhere else as this won’t be enough.


The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is currently priced at $270. The price is pretty high, and the Android version of the iPod Touch could be in trouble because of it. What you get is a crisp and clear image on a 5-inch screen, decent video playback, a couple of loud speakers for music and the TouchWiz with custom Samsung apps.

The down side is a slow processor that won’t playback HD videos or Flash the right way and a high price (currently). Right now it costs a bit more than the Kindle Fire, a tablet that you might want to consider until Galaxy Player’s price drops.

It is a great media player for the average user but if you’d like to try it out for yourself, you might want to wait a while until its price drops a bit.

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