10+ Awesome Features of the New Windows 8

In a world where the mobile technology is dominating the online world, Microsoft paves the way for its new Windows version. The company offered a preview of its new Windows 8 at a conference held in Anaheim, California, back in September and people were really excited about what they saw. The new Windows 8 features are pretty great, especially the new Metro interface and the added built-in security tools that will keep you safe online. There are many who immediately fell in love with the new Metro GUI and just as many who didn’t like it very much and wanted the old user interface from previous versions. Change is not always popular with everybody and it’s always a matter of taste.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is intended for both desktop computers and tablets alike, and has been designed to unite the two platforms and work just as well on both. This is a risky choice from the company and its success in the tablet world remains in doubt for now. The Windows 8 will have to compete with Android Honeycomb andiOS5 and that’s not easy at all.

You will have the option of using the new Windows 8 in two views, the PC Friendly Classic Desktop View and the Metro View, both featuring a multitude of smart features designed for the ultimate user-experience.

Windows 8 is expected in early 2012 and many are praising it for being full of cool new features. We’ll list a few of the features you’ll be able to encounter in the Windows 8, and let you decide if it’s worth your money.

Windows 8 Start Screen

The start screen is the first thing you encounter when you turn on Windows 8. This one has been really praised in the community and it’s first change you’re able to see when you compare it to previous Windows versions. The start screen in Windows 8 brings the option of choosing between the Desktop View and the Metro View and a list of applications you can access immediately, including the Windows 8 Media Hub.

Additional Free RAM with Windows 8

This is hardly a feature but a benefit of using the new Windows 8. You’ll get more free RAM with the new Windows version as it only requires 281MB in comparison to the Windows 7 version which requires 404MB to function.

Windows 8 Apps

Here’s a new feature that’s most definitely useful if you intend to use Windows 8 on your tablet. You will be able to group your Windows 8 by genre and choose from a multitude of apps coming pre-installed with your Windows 8. You’ll be choosing from media apps, social networking apps and games that you use the most and create shortcuts for immediate access.

Windows 8 on-screen Keyboard

As expected, Windows 8 also comes with an on-screen keyboard designed for tablet usage. You’ll also be able to user a mouse and keyboard on Windows 8, but the on-screen keyboard will allow easy access with any touch screen device.

Windows 8 Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager is probably one of the most used in any previous Windows version. The new Windows 8 Task Manager comes in a new design and also adds the option of adding and deleting programs or loading them at start-up.

Windows 8 Video Player

Windows 8 also brings a brand new Video Player. The Video Player in the Windows 8 packs a new design and collapsible sidebar holding the settings. It’s definitely one of the cool new features in Windows 8 and one of the most used applications in any Windows version.

Windows 8 Fast Booting

The Windows 8 will boot in only 8 seconds after pushing the power button. This is due to kernel session which is not turned off anymore and rebooted but setting it to sleep mode.

Windows 8 Universal Search

Windows 8 comes with a new Universal Search function which will allow users to look through their entire system and online. The Universal Search will allow you to browse through apps and programs installed on your computer and the Internet at the same time.

Windows 8 Social Networking

Windows 8 offers a new way of accessing your social network feeds in a panel interface. You get a news feed panel on the left side and a bunch of settings to choose from.

Windows 8 Lock Screen

When you’re away from your computer or tablet, Windows 8 goes to lock screen by default. The lock screen will keep you updated with the activity on your computer without you having to unlock. You’ll get to see the battery status, messages and emails you received while you were away from your computer.

Windows 8 Multi-Tasking

Many people multi-task when there online so this one is a cool feature. You’ll be able to multi-task on Windows 8 by joining two apps together and working with both of them at the same time.

Windows 8 Zoom Out View

This is really handy if you’re on a tablet and you don’t have enough space for all you apps. You can zoom out so you can choose a different start-up icon and continue your work without too much hassle.

Windows 8 RSS Feeds

Windows 8 also comes with a built-in RSS Reader app that will keep you updated in real time. No need to download other applications anymore and you’ll also be able to choose from different views depending on your platform.

These are some of the great new features you’ll be able to find in the new Windows 8 operating systemlaunching in early 2012. It’s clearly meant for both mobile platforms and desktop environments and will most likely be a great companion on either platform.

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